Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Highway Of life

Life is like a complex road net work system composed of street signs, robots, side walks, speed humps, off ramps and mainly highways. As common knowledge to any man, any invention or creation has a purpose. Therefore the main reason why roads where designed AND created where to be inhabited and driven on by cars. .

In the light of my metaphor of life in reference to a road, the obvious reference of the car is a human being. So its only right to state that the purpose of the creation of life on earth is for it to be inhabited and lived by human beings..Failure to which if not lived and inhabited, all we have is an empty road without cars or purpose.. That would make planet earth as desolate as Mars and every other planet we known to man. This is clear evidence to see that people like cars are extremely special. because without people and cars, earth and roads are useless and aren't worth living or been driven on.

Now that we realise the purpose of life and how special people are..Lets explore more about the complexity of this special car-man, and his drive through life and its complex road network of life.

like a car from a motoring company, man is designed uniquely and produced in many different colours, shades, shapes and sizes. Despite these minimal differences, their functionality and purpose remain the same, because they are composed of the same vital parts. I.e the engine-yo mind, head lights-your eyes, wipers-eye lashes, exhaust pipe-your mouth, windows, wheels-your legs, steering wheel-your soul, gears-your heart and seats-your vertebrae and finally a chassis-which is the body.

These unique parts are what constitute the body of a car. In collaboration with each other, these car parts complement each other for a car to be road worthy.
Before the car hits the road, it needs fuel as valuable component for it to move, though it also needs water and oil and air which are vital to its movement..Failure of which the car wouldn't move. In translation to man, the fuel is blood n food, the water is water, and the air is air..Lol..Good reason 2 explain why man cannot live on bread alone.Lol

Back 2the subject at hand which is the highway of life, with roads and cars as my topic of discussion. Its clear to see that no one man in life is the same, but merely just similar..The only difference that sub-divides us in the highway of life are our, characters, attitudes, direction and speeds by which we accustom our selves to living. This is what defines our purpose driven goals and lives.

like the roads, life as we know it has rules and regulations to be followed(10 commandments). They are basically drawn up for people to have a comfortable and safe trip through the highway. These rules are written in road safety book Manual(THE BIBLE). They are taught to a fresher driver b4 he hits the highway. They are posted throughout the highway of life in the form of road signs..If not educated properly about these signs, man can have a destructive drive through life with more than likely deadly consequences.
Hence the sound schooling and indoctrination of these vital rules of how to drive in life are extremely important for man.

Given that man is literate in driving, and has sound cautionary info about road safety, his road trip in life begins.
Like every road trip, man has to have direction and magnitude in his mind-engine. He has to have fuel to propel his mission. This is fanned by the propeller shaft in collaboration with water to cool the engine.This forms moderate steam that is contained in a radiator that is part of the engine bloc.This steam is the self esteem that drives us to our dreams..Without water, our cars over heat, and that is what happens when we are over expectant and to quick to get to our dreams. We cruise 4them and forget 2 regularly check and put water in our ENGINES..When this occurs Our cars warn us that we are overheating. This this is what happens when stress and depression overwhelm us when we are rushing to persue of our dreams.. If we ignore this warning, the car comes to an abrupt stop. This is when strokes strike peoples minds after deep depression. This as an automatic neurotic brain function to stop the mind-engine from knocking or dying..Therefore we ought 2b kind and easy with our engines as we drive towards dreams..The danger of cruising is that we miss all the vital road signs of speed humps, turns and pot holes that are ahead of us. If missed due to speeding, we face unexpected death. Therefore its important for us to be conscious of the danger of the accelerator and slowly balance our feet with a clutch 2calm DOWN the rush in stepping up n down our gears that drive our goals. .

Another problem we face is that we look at life as a race, and constantly try to compete with other cars in the highway. What these people in a rush to keep up dont realise is that all Cars where manufactured at different times. THESE INTRICATELY DIVERSE INTERVALS AND MODELS are a huge determinant in the existance and endurance of life..Especially because we all have different goals, dreams and schooling in life..
Mathematics proves this theory in this formula;
This formula clearly explains that we can never catch up with the johnes' in the race of life, because of every man has a unique arrival time and departure from life. So this UNIQUE TIME denominator is the main factor in the equation of why man should never compete in the race of life..
If you are crusing through life and constantly looking at other peoples cars, you will either crush and die because you have no fore sight, or if you are lucky you'll survive but get lost when you see people reach their destinations. What a wasted time and life that would be..

People Should learn to appreciate and love their lives. See the value of their worth and unique design from the next man. for even though we are a different in colour shape and size, we are all special in the eyes of God.
Therefore envy in coveting another mans COVERT isn't right. It is this envy that causes the disastrous INFERIORITY COMPLEX suffered by many people in life and leads to them not having a pleasent ride in life, because of them constantly comparing themselves to the next man.
Some of these people decide to pimp their cars and put bigger tires, tint windows and amplify their sound systems. These cosmetic make overs give them a make believe theory that they are better than others. A superiority COMPLEX then follows suite in such people, who eventually feel inferior to others that naturally have what they aspire to have. Therefore its good for man to be CONTENT and comfortable in the skin that they are in.

One thing that man should realise as he drives through the high way of life is that its roads are imperfect and has potholes. Much like these potholes, man is also imperfect and therefore good care should be taken as he drives.
Because of these mutually exclusive imperfections, cars are known to Depreciate due to wear and tear. The death of the car is inevitable as it ages due to its scrap value. But in order to increase its comfortable life span, man ought to do the following;
1. Regularly Wash the cars interior and exterior( the body and the soul). because as we drive through life, we gather a lot of dirt internally and externally. that's why its important to bath and renew our minds.
2. Take the car for regular servicing, (church Service)/mechanics.
3. fill it up with the water of life (the word of God) and fuel up on all ambitions with his counsel.

Prayer provides a wireless GPS tracking system from God that can direct our Cars to all places and dreams we aspire to have and go to as we drive.
The SECRET to the key of life is in us having our mind-engines in good shape with the lord. This MINDSET Ignites our cars and eye-headlights to brighten with fore sight. They get so bright that even when we drive through storms, our eye lash-whippers keep our sight calm and clear, because we have a firm tire grip on the road to our dreams with our leg-wheels. These legs wheel us off with ease to the promised land of dreams when Our hearts are in the right gear.
We then have a guranteed comfortable ride with purpose as we drive, because our car seat-vertebraes are in good standing with the lord....

This post was inspired by a little note i wrote on my facebook status today. I would urge you to read this out loud to yourself like i did after i wrote it..lol. it goes like this;

Bump a bently, Bugati or Maybach, i have the best car in the world and that car is ME and my Drive to live life fully and fruitfully. The HIGHWAY to heaven is jam-packed with traffic-obstacles set up by Diablo's. But Am glad that my whip was customized and perfected to stand his heat by the JESUS WHIP MOTORING CO..

Uncover your worth and Enjoy your ride through your purpose driven life, with Heaven as your destination.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


In my opinion man does not give himself life. he is just merely born into this world by his Producers. therefore i feel that it is morally wrong for him to take his on life. Especially because he did not Author it. he just merely role pays through out life, like an Actor in Character mode. A character that he solely develops from adolescence into Adulthood.
Unfortunately in the movie of life, man has been granted the volition of free will which has been a Gift and a Curse for this ignorant Actor called man. Man is the Co-Director of life and can turn his perfectly good movie from a Drama into a Romantic, Action Horror, Thriller, Porn or Sad Movie.

As the Co-Director of your life, you decide how the movie will unfold, but always remember that you will have to deal with the consequences of how you lived when the real Director and Executive producer says CUT to your Movie. If you are a coward and dread that inevitable day, you will simply walk off the Movie set and end your life before that final cut.
but before you do that, think of this; You did not finance the budget of this block-buster movie, Someone wrote your script, and found a Movie house to finance, budget, plan and produce your Movie. That is the sacrifice your parents make before they procreate and make you. So Imagine the disparity that you cause the Executive Director and Producers of your Movie if you just abruptly walked off the movie set. Whats even worse is the anger that you bring to the Original Author of life, who is God. He diligently scripted the blueprint of your life-Movie. So why end what you did not start?
Atheists and skeptics would argue and say that suicide is due to the pressures of life. They usually justify suicide and assisted suicide due to the pain of some terminal diseases.
O well, whoever said that movies are easy to act, much like life in itself which can be full of pain.
Actors are forced to go through the stress of hundreds of takes on end due to their numerous 'Mis' 'Takes' get it! MISTAKES. these tedious mistakes and retakes cause immense stress on the actor. This can lead to Depression due to undesired results from our efforts. The Actor has to re-do them, until they get it right. I admit that this repetitive routine can get immensely stressful, but like the saying goes, 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going' this is the kind of Attitude we have to embark on pursuing when acting through life. Therefore Quitting the Role isnt the answer, because it is through imperfection and Mis-takes that life-Movies are made perfect.

Just look t the classic movies that we praise today. Obama, Mandela, Malcom X and Dr. Martin luther King Jr.
These men all had less than perfect takes in their life-Movies.
Obama was born into a broken marriage, endured the pressure of living with a step dad, went to live with his grand folks. he later turned to drugs and alcohol abuse. All these were perfect recepies to fuel failure and quit living. But after remastering, re-inventing and repositioning himself, look at him now a classic movie score. Where the underdog in the land that flourished by slavery and racial segregation became the first African American President.
Same as Malcom -X, a victim of a broken home, grandmother raped, high school dropout, became a PIMP, thief and wound up in jail. All these mis-takes where recepies for destruction and the death of his movie. but look at what he became, a Civil rights activist who was Martyrd, but reshaped Pan-African pride.

We should not conform to the Comfort of the movie Trailers of our lives. life begins when we start to Act, but be aware that adversity is an integral part of life. It is through that WEAKNESS that we are made strong in God, Who is the Author of life. Because when we make those Mis-Takes and feel down and out of life, it is important to look back at the Script of life that he Authored for us to Act in, which is his word in the bible. It tells us how to act and what to do when the going gets rough.
We are flawed mortal beings, no wonder we make so many mis-takes and are imperfect.
History and the Bible tell us of only one perfect man called Jesus. It is through his perfect Takes and the role he played in life that we ought to immulate and Act in life, if we are to make classic movies. (if you wana learn how to Act, Read the book of Acts)..and see how jesus Acted..lol
Like kanye said in Jesus walks, 'God show me the way, coz the devils tryna break me down' ...God showed us the way to walk and live through Jesus.
We will all fall short of perfection, but like 2Pac said in changes 'that's just the way it is, things will never be the same' but only through Jesus, they will.
Good results are earned from trials, but it is in continuous trying that we succeed and finish the Movie of life....
Therefore Suicide is a wrong step for quitters, for we are all winners and have victory through Jesus Christ..

Always remember this, you will have supporting Actors in your Movie-of life. So be nice to them and treat them in the same way you would like them to treat you. because without them, there is a boring movie just starring you.. who would want to watch that?..lol
Right now you are Acting a Movie role and you have an Audience.
Who are the people that you are acting in your life Movie with? (Friends and Family)
Now Ask yourselves these few questions..Are you a Horror, A thriller, A solemn an Action, a Romantic or porn Star in the Movie that you are Acting?
What is the Audience that you are trying to entertain?
Would you enjoy your own movie if you where invited to watch your own Premiere?

PS.see you at the Oscars in Heaven when our movies end..We will all get a prize for our leading roles and best supporting Actors in the Movies we make with others.
Oscars eh! No wonder peeps are buried in suits and Tuxedos...LOl

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Much are You Worth

How much are you worth?
We live in a culture where the terms net worth and self worth have become synonymous. Yet they have entirely different meanings. I have always been interested in examining language and words for their hidden meanings. Often if we look closely enough, a far greater truth lies within words than we had imagined. For example, if we separate and dissect the words net and worth, an entirely different picture comes into view.
According to Webster’s collegiate dictionary, the two most common definitions of the words net are: anything that catches or traps; ensnares or 2: a net amount, profit, price or a result; after all considerations, or final.
The word “Worth” means Monetary or the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held.
Finally the word “Self” means ones own person as distinct from others.
Upon considering these words, we discover that most of us have been “Trapped” and ‘Measured” by money, leaving the self rather alone and unaccounted for.
Since we often do not feel good about our Net Worth, Our Self-worth has devalued and our self esteem deflated.
This has recently been evident in our culture that has too often been exposed to publications such as the Forbes Magazines rich list. When we see the likes of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Tiger woods, Oprah or Jay-Z and how much they are worth, we fall into self pitty when we compare how much they net, as compared to how much we make in a fiscal year. This is purely because we have not properly appreciated ourselves for being intrinsically valuable in our uniqueness, Separate from our Net-worth.
When it comes to Net-worth, most of us feel that we never quite measure up. Thinking about how much we have accumulated as proof of our value and this is a painful experience.
In our culture our wealth is the ultimate measure of who we are. We have unfortunately become defined by it. Those who have little Net worth feel a corresponding lack of self worth. But guess what? they are not alone. Many people who have a high Net worth also experience similar feelings of low self esteems. The difference is that, although they have plenty of money, they often do not feel worth of it. They appear to have everything and yet nothing..An example of such is the Late Michael Jackson, Marylin Munroe, Mike Tyson and so many more. On his College Drop out Album, Kanye west best defined this problem on a song titled ‘when it all falls down’.. He said, “it seems we leaving the American Dream, where people highest up have the lowest self-esteems, the prettiest people do the ugliest things. On the road to riches and diamond rings”
I believe this lack of self esteem is caused by a profound Spiritual bankruptcy that is so prevalent in our culture.

Having lived a life in the persuit of money and material gain, we often Neglect the ‘Self’ and its inherent longing for ‘Spiritual Connection’. As human beings, we alone have this need. I do not believe this need is simply evolution at work. Rather it is intended that we value and nurture this dimension of our self above and beyond all else.
Without this connection to the self, our true worth is diminished, and life becomes an endless search for substitutes to fill the void. Examples of such idols are Money, Education for Status, Cars, Clothes, Jewelry and all the things money can buy.
Not to say that they are bad, but when we are defined by these items we become ensnared in the net, caught in the money trap.
I cannot, but believe that we will not escape until we begin to value ourselves above money and material gain. Eisenhower once said, “Money cannot buy you happiness, but a pleasant form of misery”.
We need to create a new paradigm of living. One that we have inherited for generations out of the habbit and lack of consciousness.
More money may not be the right answer. But because we have been burdened by the thoughts of the lack and limitations, we have not been taught to think beyond our historic point of view. Yet we are so much the sum total of our experiences. There is a truth in each of us that is deeper than any biography our lives could ever tell.
Yes we are greatly influenced by our backgrounds and experiences. But defining ourselves merely by those is much too limiting.
Our Money is not our lives, no wonder we suffer from such low esteems. Once we paste this on our minds, we start to live. A famous saying states that we make a living by what we get, but make a life by we give. Once you embark on living by such a philosophy, we find fulfillment, purpose and joy in what we give others through our talents, humour, personality knowledge and wisdom.
I don’t believe any amount of money can bring you the kind of Joy in life, when you know that you are nourishing, uplifting, blessing, teaching, serving and saving peoples lives with your unique God given abilities.
That is the true value of oneself in life. Your self worth is attained when you are not just a mere friend or spouce, but a valuable person to others.

My friend Willy once jokingly said to me, “Chim money is not the only thing in life, it is everything”. I hope people do not live their lives by such philosophies, because they are detrimental to human relations.
I say so because we are born with practically nothing material. Just little naked babies covered in blood and when we die, we go out the same way with practically nothing material. Yet most of us live most of our lives in the persuit of money and status. My friend Mate once asked me this in a conversation I had with her, “Chim, have you ever heard of a wealthy person ask for a bank book on their death bed?” I laughed at that observation coz its true. But as funny as I found that question and after observing these analogies, don’t you think life is much more than being paper chasers? Who’ve become economic salves on the work treadmill, running an exercise in futility, where some get lucky and get rich, while others just keep working till they retire with clenched fists worried about depleting pensions.
The agony that befalls both instances is when the question comes to mind about what next to do in life after making or getting this money. These folks live by the wise 50 cent philosophy of “get rich or die trying”. I think its foolish.LOL
I Have seen relationships and marriages fall apart due to this greed in the fear of social status, lack and limitations in the persuit of money. So why do you want to be another statistic of the Net-worth culture, when you can be a happy self-worth Victor?
True self worth begins when you become conscious about what matters most in life and you become an Investor in God, yourself and others (family and friends).
Invest your time in learning from lessons in life, Gods word and from listening and sharing what you have with others. I guarantee you happiness that money can never buy, if you do this.
The Unhappiest people in the world are those who wonder how the world is going to make them happy. The Golden rule is putting yourself in someone else place rather than putting them in their place. Therefore whatever you want others to do unto you, do so for them Matthew 7:12.
The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. So you cannot underestimate the value of a single person, so do not take advantage of people for they are Gods most loved creation.
He created this world and all the Great things that exist, like the Sun, Vegetation and animals etc..All of these wonders where created to accommodate mans comfort. He even sent his only begotten son Jesus to die for your salvation. John 3:16
that’s how valuable you are. No amount of money can buy your worth lest you don’t realize how great you are. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you aren’t worth Jack, coz you are worth more than the world, everything in it and even more.
Peace and love My Great Wealthy friends.

P.s Next time I see a Forbes Publication on the worlds rich list on Self-Worth, i hope to see your name blinging on the Top, coz that’s your spot.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have been privileged with an opportunity in my life to see,meet and make friends and accquaintances with hundreds,thousandsands and probably millions of people. One thing that is distinct about the people i have met in life is their distinct character. This has probably been the attractive force behind the binding close tied relationships with the mates i have made,over the last couple of years of my life.Truely people and friends are a blessing. but i couldnt help but notice a close similarity between human beings and birds, when it comes to behaviour. despite man being bestowed with the authority over Gods creation,i.e.birds. mankind over the ages of civilisation has oftenly behaved like birds. some people may find this statement offensive. but am merely using a metaphor to allude to a point of which i will expound on later. According to cognitive linguistics,my knowledge of a metaphor is a mapping structure of a source model onto a target model.ofwhich my subject aims at the birds being the source and mand being the target of my behavioural findings. The following are a list of birds in my observation, in comparison tho human beings. peacocks, flamingos, owls, vultures, chickens, robins and finally eagles.


The Peacock: It is probably one of the most beautiful birds in the bird kingdom. Their flamboyant array of colorful feathers makes them so attractive to the eye. They are very expensive and often bought by the wealthy to beautify their rosy gardens.

Flamingos: They are tall slim birds that often live near river banks and beaches. They spend most of their days basking in the sun and famously known for bending over for long periods searching for worms and fish.
Owls: They are one of the few Nocturnal birds that sleep throughout the day, but are up and busy throughout the night. They are famously known foe their huge yellow eyes and flexible necks that can almost make a 180 degree turn to the back.
Vultures: They are a rare breed of flesh eating birds that are found in the Deserts and isolated grass lands. They are famously known for waiting for hours on end preying on vulnerable ailing animals that are about to die.

Chickens: They are famously known as mans favorite delicacy. Often domesticated by man, these birds are also famously known for being cowardice. They spend most of their days eating and looking for food.

Robins: They are one of the most common birds in the bird kingdom on earth.. They are famously known for their chirping and are called the singing birds. These melodious chirps are usually and indicator of the break of day. They often live near man and are known to build their nests on roof and tree tops.

Eagles: They are one of the biggest birds in the bird kingdom. They are famously known to fly at very high altitudes and sow through the sky without flapping their wings for long periods. A distinct feature of the eagle is its very powerful eyes that can spot prey on the ground form thousand of kilometers in the sky.

After observing the distinct features of the aforementioned birds, one would ask how I came up with the similarity in behavior with man. O well, this is how!!!Humans, despite being so intelligent, have developed detrimental behaviors which are unfortunately making them fail to fly high in life. This has been a hindrance to man attaining his full potential and leaving a fully filling life.


PEACOCK PEOPLE: These are a certain type of people that have been blessed with good looks. Much like the feathers of a peacock, these people have devoted most of their lives to flamboyant extravagant dressing. They are known to make fashion statements with their designer fads. They have gotten so consumed with their looks, or how they look, that they walk pompously with pride, brandishing their apparel to other usually for envy. They are known to spend colossal amounts of money on procuring garments and cosmetics and are thought to even starve just so that they can look good.
In a famous Hip-hop brand called Roca wear. Their slogan best entails the character of these individuals. It states, “You are what you wear.” These clothes more than usually define who they are. Psychologists most commonly call these kinds of people Narcissists. This denotes ‘selfish’ or rather self Indulgent people. Narcissism means the love of ones self and refers to the set of character traits concerned with self admiration, self centeredness or self regard. This name was chosen by Sigmund Freud, from the Greek myth of Narcissus, who was doomed to fall in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. The danger of these traits has made me theorize this: have you ever wondered why despite the Peacock being a bird, it cannot fly? I think it’s because it’s to fly to fly. Lol . Much like the Narcissit Peacock people who usually cannot develop positively through life, simply because they are too fly too fly.

FLAMINGO PEOLE: They are a certain type of people that choose to love to have few clothes on. Just like the flamingo whose feathers make them look skimpy. They too, spend most of their days on beaches and river banks topless and skimpily dressed. They do a lot of show off running around and a lot of bending over to attract attention.

OWL PEOPLE: The owl types of people spend most of their days sleeping or inactively idle, but suddenly get busy and active during the night. Some examples of such people are Night robbers, and Prostitutes and Club hoppers. Much like the Owls flexible necks, these people always have their heads over their shoulders in Paranoia. Looking out for the unknown force that they preciev out their that’s out to get them. They are many times fearful and extra cautious with their movements and actions due to the absence of light. This has made them slick and tricky individuals that move around unnoticed during the day.

VULTURE PEOPLE: These types of people are very canning characters. Like the Vulture they prey on weak vulnerable people that are usually going through grief, turmoil and ailing. Such victims include orphans, widows and the terminally ill. Examples of these vulture culprits of these are thieves, crooks and property grabbers, just to mention but a few. They falsely befriend these vulnerable people with a facade of good intent. Once the victims are tricked, or convincingly get to trust these individuals, they go in for the kill and get what their deceptive eyes had their eyes on.

CHICKEN PEOPLE: Are a type of people that spend most of their days eating and looking for food.. They are weak minded cowardice self centered individuals. When hungry they will run towards that feed them. But when they are bloated and full, their memory quickly lapse and they run away from the very hand that fed them. They have a very basic life that includes eating drinking defecating and sleeping. In the past decade, the h-hop world coined a derogatory word for easy going senseless gold-digging club hoppers. The call them ‘Chicken Heads’. In his most recent rap album titled Untiled, Rapper Nas has a song called fried chicken. It talks about a certain type of Chicken head-woman who is metaphorically portrayed as a fried Chicken. Here are a few quotable’s from the song. “Fried chicken, fly Vixen, you give me heart disease but I need you in kitchen”, he also says “I don’t know what I like best, your legs or your breast, Mrs. fried chicken, you’re gonna be a niggers death” he ends by saying “its funny how what am eating is killing me, but I keep doing it, why? Coz that’s what niggers do” .I believe the word Nigger in this song refers to ignorant people with blinds on their eyes, and not the racial undertone it’s infamous for.

ROBIN PEOPLE: Basically these are a type of people that make the most noise. They seem to always be in a rush and busy, with very little to show for their tireless pursuits. They walk through life in high pursuit and are known to irritate people with their whining and nagging form the time they wake in the morning and through out the day. Examples of such people are Economic slaves, running on treadmill of life. Their work places are like a slave plantation.

EAGLE PEOPLE: They are unlike any the majority of the bird people that fly low in life. Meaning they stand out from the large number of people, due to their ability to fly at the highest altitude. Because of its great quality, it is evident that these kinds of people have very good attitudes. They are like the one in a million people that understand the secret to good living. They are special because they are the wisest in life’s flight.
A common saying of the eagle states that when it rains, all birds run or fly for cover, but its only the eagle alone that fly’s above the clouds.
This means that problems are upon us all in life, but it’s the wise that can be above the problem with lasting solutions. Hence when faced with numerous challenges in life, its simply our attitudes that determine our latitude.
Despite our different characteristics in life, we should all aspire to be like the high flying good sighted Eagle when it comes to our attitudes with life’s challenges.
But then again it’s always good to come down to earth regularly by humbling ourselves. Which very few Eagle people do. Their inability to come down to earth makes them full fledged Eagles and it makes them Develop Egos. They then become Egotistical people that feel too superior and smarter than the low flying birds. Examples of such are People with Superiority complexes blessed with titles in society. They unfortunately use the titles to define who they are.
Only until they are humble is when they become the true Noble Eagle, such as the one on our flag that symbolizes our ability to overcome.

THE PURPOSE(punch line)
My purpose of my using negative undertones to denote bird people’s behavior is mainly to enlighten and awaken people, in a quest to ask them of who they are?
This is in regard to the behavioral trends we’ve subconsciously adapted through the years that define who we are today. As you read this essay, I would like you to seat back for a while and reflect on the character your have. Now honestly ask yourself who you are?
If you aren’t happy with yourself, don’t despair. It might be a hard to face the person you see in the mirror according to the kind of bird person you are. My analogies are meant to help you have an honest view of your character in the light of helping you better yourself into becoming a high flyer in life with a defined purpose to humanity.
A common idiom states that Birds of the same feather flock together. We as human beings should pick our friends and partners on the same level of flight with us. As the famous rapper Nas says”you are who you associate yourself with. Look around at the five closest friends of yours. That is who you are. If you do not want to be that person, you know what to do”
Eagles surely do not hangout or fly with chickens. Neither do owls nor Vultures. Why? because they are all on different levels of flight in altitude in life. But if you caged them all together, they could co-exist with each other. With a few exceptions of the chicken’s content with the situation, unfortunately the eagle would feel deprived of flying. This is like a person in a relationship that feels tied down by a suppressive partner. They feel discontent with their bond, because one partner can’t let them fly to reach their full potential in life.
The same may apply to some friends that add no value to our lives and prevent us from developing.
We should all strive to become like the Noble Eagle and make quality relationships in life with fellow Eagles.


It surely would be insulting to Gods wonderful creation if I left the metaphoric undertone on his beautiful birds. Like all creatures they too, like man have a great purpose to humanity and the eco-system. Listed below are a few examples.
Birds like Chickens are very good meat for man, they provide us with eggs that have valuable protein necessary for our health. Without Chicken eggs man would have a hard time baking.
From the unique design of birds like the flamingo, man has immolated Gods design of these birds and created Marvels of Aviation for Domestic, International and Space travel.
Birds like the Robin are very essential in seed dispersal and pollination of plants.
Their chirping is usually deemed as irritating, when in actuality it is an alarm to wake man up at the break of day. It is a music that we should all get to love and consider a blessing. Because just imagine we woke up one day and heard no birds chirping? That I believe would be a signal to tell us that something has gone wrong in the Eco system, like a biological Bomb..LOL
Some Birds are an indication of the change in season and can be a vital sign to farmers to start planting crops.
Some Migrant birds are an indication in the change of season. This could be Important for farmers to start reaping their crop.
Some birds like the Terns are a fisherman’s best friend. They usually loom over huge schools of fish. This is often an indicator to man for them to know where to cast their nets to fish. When lost at sea, these very birds can act as a navigator to ship wrecked sailors to where the nearest land is.
Birds like Hawks and Eagles can also be body guards of man in grasslands against dangerous snakes. These birds loom over footpaths that man uses in search of snakes and hunt and kill whatever snakes travel through these paths. They actually reduce and control the Snake population. Some smaller birds eat Mosquitoes cockroaches and insects that are infamous for spreading deadly diseases to man.


In this vain, its clear to see that birds are mans best friend regardless of their flaws. Man is also a flawed being, so it’s important for man to focus on the blessings birds are to humanity rather than their seemingly menial drawl backs. In the same vain man should look at all people in life as flawed but special. No matter what weaknesses our friends may have, let’s try to focus on their strengths and help lower flying improve their character by motivating, loving, Nurturing and encouraging them to better themselves. For the Bible says we are all cheerfully and wonderfully made by God. Psalms 123.
May whosoever read this remember that Jesus was the highest flyer of all time in life.
We are taught as Christians to aspire to be like him and fly like he did. He was humble but came down to earth for the low flying bird people who are lost, hurting, un purposeful and broken spirited.
Do remember the Holy Spirit came down to earth as a bird on Jesus baptism? Do you also remember that Noah sent a bird to check if the flood had subsided? My friends, Surely theres something special about birds.
Am sure there’s something special about you too.
May Godless You Bird-Man..LOL

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The black mans worst enemy

I sob through this story like oliver twist.
And wish that the life that we lived wasent so devilish.
Uncle bob could have never said it better than this..
Weve been truding on the wine press for way too long...
That even when the slave masters are all well gone,
Weve succumed to oppression and adapted it as a Norm.
And the saddest thing about the predicament that we are in,
Is that weve become the oppressor that oppresses our Own.
Yet we supposed to be brother's but coz we lack the same colours in skin tone,
We now suffer from light brown and dark syndrome.
Which is turning our hearts dark and breeding xenophobia and tribalism..
Which is totally tantamount to canibalism.
So if y'all dont pay attention and listen,
We are all slowly killing ourselves into extinction.
Lest we find Loves vison through religion wisdom,
We are all headed for doom or a tomb called prison.
Marcus Garvey would probably be rolling in his grave,
If he heard that nowadays black people are pimping each other like slaves.
So lets all wake up and get free,
Coz we alone hold the key to unlock our minds from mental slavery..

This was a poem i had written based upon the ills faced by the African man in what is precieved to be a white mans world.
Surely this cannot be a world for a particular race. Moreover when it comes to race, Colour is inaccurately precieved. They are no black,white Orange or Golden people.
We ar all just humans of different shades created in Gods image.
Man should therefore look beyond colour and focus more on character, as a basis of judgement on the depth of mans capabilities.
However despite your ethnicity, you are BLACK when you are in darkness. Ignorant of the light of the truth when you blindly follow any system of Opression and submission like Racisim, Xenophobia and even man made Religions.
The Quest for enlightenment from darkness can only start when man takes the blind off his eyes and starts to Question inherited beliefs and cultures.

I took the blind off my eyes to follow Christ, who is the light and lamp off my feet.
In him i have found trust and emulate his humility and walk by faith and not by sight.
Hope yall can follow his lead and find the enlightenment that i am ever discovering in the journey of my life.
Blessings to you my friend.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Power of words

The mouth is a unique member of the human anatomy. It is designed to ingest food and prepare it for the 1st step of digestion. Its teeth then Impeed to grind the food into small particles that the tounge then helps to soften, and the swallow.
This is and has been common knowledge to humanity for millenias.
It has also been noted that the tounge is one of the strongest muscles in the human muscular anatomy.
Both the tounge and mouth form a formidable force in collaboration, that they almost cant work without each other in feeding and digestion.
But another unique feature about the aforementioned duo,is their ability to communicate with utterances of 'words' that stem from well sequenced thoughts from the mind of the speaker.
With this observation,i have theorized 'that if the mind was an engine, the mouth is an exhaust for our thoughts..'
Hence be it logical or illogical, sensible or nonsensical verbiage uttered off the top of our tounges and flown out our mouths. These sentiments stem from our frame of mind.

As humans we have the ability to think about anything, but from personal responsibility and control..we can hold back or censor what comes out of our mouths,regardless of our thoughts.
But when we do speak, the 2pepetrators of speech are at work..the tounge n mouth.
I equate them to a trigger and barrel,with the mind being the ammo that is loaded with what we feed or fuel our minds with.
So in this context, words have the potential of being weapons of mass destruction or defensive tools. In this vain, words can be harmful and deadly and hence have to be utterd cautiously with deep thought before let loose from a tempramental aggitate mind.
But when the mind is fixated on happiness and pleasure,words can be like cupids firing passionate compliments of love and good will that elate and strengthen people.
One can now deduce that words have the power to 'Curse and Bless.'
These two polar extremes 'create' an aura of bad or good will upon being uttered..hence we note that creation is at work when we speak.
In the bible we are told that in the begining was a 'word' and that word was-God.he called everything that exists into existance but lastly 'made' man in his image from soil..so from this illustration we can deduce that God the creator made us beings that can pro-create..man makers that physically make children,but can aswell create or call things into existance with our words..
This intells that we can create problems or a destiny for ourlives with the words we speak..

2pac shakur sang about seeing death around the corner,being marked 4 death. Nosooner than those records were realeased the brother died.
The Notorious BIG's 1lp was called ready 2 die, and his 2nd was named life after death..an epic album that ended with a song titled 'youre nobody till somebody kills u.' prophetically he died a week before its realease date,and became at the time the highest selling rap album ever at 10million units. Truely he became a somebody after he died,gaining mass notoriety worldwide..what a shameful sad loss of two young men that woed the power of influence upon the world,but tragically set a destiny of their fate with their deathwishful words.

Before you speak,i'ld like you to think and prepare deep thought about what you say about yourself and people. Remember the power that your tounge woes.
You are entitled to have bad feelings about injustices or illtreatment by people. The make us think negatively, which is human. But always remember that you have the power to walk away from conflict and reposition your mind. You can not fight fire with fire. If u champion an eye 4an eye, we both lose our sight and two wrongs dont make a right.
So Lets heed the advice to turn the other cheek.
Lets Use our speech to Bless uplift and nourish people and ourselves.lets make our tounges cupids of love arrows.let our mouths mediate and elate.
But most of all,lets start by feeding our minds with the word of God that gives us devine understanding and unbound love.youl enjoy it far more than any food that enters yo mouth.
Peace brethren.i wish all that read this love prosperity, health and success